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Trees For Life Program

By sponsoring a tree(s) to be planted with Our Planet Foundation (OPF) you can help give back directly to the natural habitat of the great green macaw’s food sources and of course at the same time contribute towards our planets vital ecology! Our long-term plan has been to plant 5000 trees as a primary goal towards giving back a vital food source for the spectacular and endangered great green macaw birds, while indirectly allowing to help flourish all other animal, plant and agricultural needs of Costa Rica! Founding members of OPF have planted more than 55,000 year-to-date.

How does the Tree Sponsorship program work?

The OPF tree sponsorship program is run by OPF's founders and caring volunteers by helping create sustainable living conditions for all our plant and animal species. By generating funds for trees, each donation enables us to give back the necessary habitat and vital food source to the great green macaw as well as many other natural bird and animal species of our area.
With current conservation efforts ongoing in Costa Rica we as the people have been able restore more than 50% of Costa Rica’s natural forests. Let’s help continue making that change by bringing conscious awareness programs like the Trees for Life not only here in Costa Rica but to the masses around the world. The ignorance of our current politics or educational systems shouldn’t hinder progression from us making change, but more so fuel us to plant seeds of awareness in our children, adults and ground. Literally growing a sustainable future for humanity and creating a smile along the way!


Each $20.00 contribution will cover the cost of the tree, delivery, planting and contribute to the running of the project so we can make the most of caring for the tree that you have sponsored. Contributions made with us here at OPF go 100% towards preservation.

The types of trees we're currently planting our:
Mountain Almond (Dypterix panamensis) - Almendro de Montana
Golden fruit tree - Fruta Dorado
Laurel Muñeco

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thank you for your support in advance

Our Jaguar Program Brochure can be found HERE.