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Humans are turning the world into a “lonely planet”.  Since 1990 we have lost an average of 54,000 acres a day of our forests. This equates to 36 acres every minute! Although yearly rates of deforestation appear to be dropping due to conservation efforts, our primary rain-forests continue to be most at risk. According to experts “primary forests are irreplaceable reserves of tropical diversity”. Housing over 50 % of the world's known plants, animals and insects, we are currently losing an estimated 50,000 species every year and destroying the home of many indigenous cultures.

*As of July 17, 2018 * Our Planet Foundation was successfully founded and legally registered with the National Registry of Costa Rica. A very proud moment for us all here at Our Planet Foundation! We would like to thank the Founders and Volunteers for their continued commitment in making this planet a better place for all species. The work has only just begun. Together we can make the world a better place, one small Eco-system at a time!

The goal is for Earth (2030) and its habitants to thrive in a sustainable and equitable world. This requires the evolution of a new type of Conscious thinking coupled with Global Sustainability Science – that links disciplines, knowledge bases and societal partners in support of a more agile global innovation system. Here at Our Planet Foundation we are committed to Education, Protection and Conservation through Investigation and Development. Our plan starts on a macro level, one small Eco-system at a time. We investigate what's needed then develop a plan towards the environment's sustainability so that the natural wildlife as well as our resources can thrive. Working together, we will assist in restoring Our Planet, one commnuity, one person and one smile at a time.

Our Planet needs your help

We can't go on ignoring the abuse. We have the means to destroy our world but can not escape it. Get involved and make a conscious decision to fight for our future. Click HERE to read about our Tree program and how you can help participate directly in helping save Costa Ricas forests

Unique Sponsorship programs

Starting January of 2019, Our planet foundation will have two special and unique programs available to the public. You will have the option of sponsoring a tree that will be planted which will provide future food and habitat for our endangered great green macaws (Ara ambiguus). The second program will be sponsoring directly the care and nurturing of the animals in our future rescue center. Be sure to check for updates HERE and or follow us on Facebook HERE  to see all our continous  updates.


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